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Pattaya property house for sale and rent Photos album of house for sale and rent

Property Code : PFH11066
A Wonderful Tuscany Home for Sale
*Kingdom of Happiness And Endless Enjoyment*

On plot 442 sq.meters with 211 sq.meters living area 3-bedrooms, 4-bathrooms. This is a very high quality product. Seen from the outside the one-storey house looks like a two-storey house but it is just a one-storey house with an unusually high ceiling, the highest ceiling I have ever seen. The flat roof is made of concrete so you will not have a problem when it rains, this is also good for insulation purposes. The materials used are very unusual, the architecture is unseen in Pattaya. All of the finishes are of a very high standard.

5-Star Service From Health Center one of the special projects distinctive and different from the others, obviously. Is to increase health service five star. Which is interlaced with the perfect lifestyle for you and your family perfectly. The team of health specialists. Along with the functions Smart Access Control Nurse Call system to connect you to the center, 24 hour a Realtime give you peace of mind at any time.

The architectural Tuscan design is inspired by marketing team visit to Tuscany in Italy with the support of Antinori family to study assets that they own, including 3 antique castles, bounderless land within the valley, and most innovative vineyard in the country. The modern Tuscan-style masterpiece reserves the ambience of traditional Italian touch with a balance between structural sturdiness, delicate design, and functionality. The structure is elegant yet sturdy perfect for Pattaya’s humid climate and ocean-side natural corrosion.

The area near the project such as Cartoon Network, near Nong Nooch Tropical Garden.


Villa Medica
Swimming pool
24 hours security guard and CCTV
Smart Alert (Nurse Call)

SALE 12,500,000 Baht

RENT 0 Baht/Months
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Thailand Pataya property for sale and rent