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See the table below to find the advert size and placement that best suits your requirements. please feel free to contact us.

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           Advertising monthly rates for Web Sites with the position
Position Type Page Available Rate (THB)  
A Banner 944 x 220px Every Page 15,000
B Button 184 x 600px Every Page 22,000
C Button 216 x 600px Every Page 22,000
D Banner 957 x 120px Every Page 20,000
E Button 220 x 250px Category Page 5,000
F Button 300 x 250px Category Page 7,000

A = .jpg, .gif slide in 5 AD.
B = .jpg, .gif, flash
C = .jpg, .gif, flash
D = .jpg, .gif, flash
E = .jpg, .gif, flash
F = .jpg, .gif, flash

Note :
- PattayaPropertyFinder.com reserves the right to change the price and design without advance notiec.
- Every Page show more than 10,000's page for position A, B, C, D
- All the position AD not show in print pages and pages not in the template of the site.
- Prices are monthly and do not include at vat (7%)
- The minimum booking is 3 months.

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